Often we talk about moving ones mass or anthers mass, instead of their weight.

I use the word mass in order to help make it clear that we do not want to disrupt the others connection to the earth, nor do want to use our own in direct sense.

Your mass is the same wherever you are–on Earth, on the moon, floating in space–because the amount of stuff you’re made of doesn’t change.

But your weight depends on how much gravity is acting on you at the moment; you’d weigh less on the moon than on Earth, and in interstellar space you’d weigh almost nothing at all.”


Internal arts affect the mass by acting on the mind external arts effect the mass by acting on the body

This is a very important distinction, one that must be ingrained into the body/mind


leading the ox  the man can not move the ox directly, its to heavy. He can lead it by attracting its mind causing it to move in accordance with his direction.

to be continued

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