Just passing through

Those having an interest in taiji who happen to be in the area.  Your more than welcomed to stop by.

如果你對太極感興趣, 歡迎到我們的練習場地。

While not directly associated with any one taiji style the focus of this work is to help lead one in achieving inner and outer freedom through movement aligned with classical Chinese thought   commonly expressed as taiji,  physic based theory is used to confirm and test  providing a context to examine the work.


Core focus  

Awareness: “to move with awareness

Emptiness: Form is empty. Emptiness is form

Clarity: “Empty yourself of everything. Let the mind rest at peace.”.

三大核心重點:感知: “知覺運動”。虛空:“色即是空 空即是色”。明晰:“清空你自己的一切。 讓心神安靜平和“。這三項重點是透過直接體驗來達成。

out there

For those interested in our small group practice.

Request for locations can be made through this site.


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