My name is David,
I hope in writing this I can share some of my own journey to emptiness with my students, and those who may stop by to read this blog.

Thanks for stopping by.

我叫大衛,我希望透過寫作可以與我的學生以及到此部落格的訪客分享一些我自己的虛空之旅。 謝謝你的來訪。

I’ve been very fortunate in having a fellow traveler to walk with on this path

Mr Yeh, or TJ,

as he asked to be called,  a very close friend, long time taiji practitioner, and Distinguished Professor of Power Mechanical Engineering.  

My first  student in Taiwan,  has been invaluable in the “work” here.
He often remarks on the work, we are doing is very much like working on a research project.

His back ground both in taiji and physics, along with having a native chinese perspective has been invaluable in comparing old taiji text with modern physics theories aligning them with both. Translating  both into basic examples that none physicist  can  understand and chinese readers can read.

葉先生,或是他要我稱呼他為TJ,一位我非常好的朋友與長期的太極練習者。他是機械工程的教授,也是我在台灣的第一個同時也是唯一的學生。TJ對我在這個部落格的“工作”有很寶貴的貢獻。他經常提起我們正在做的工作非常像在進行一項研究計畫。他具有東方太極拳和西方物理學的背景,加上他的中華文化本土觀點,對將古代太極拳經拳論與現代物理學理論兩者做比較與對照具有很大的幫助。 他將兩者都翻譯成簡單基本的例子,使不僅非物理學者可以理解,華人讀者也可以閱讀。


Simplicity without a name
Is free from all external aim.
With no desire, at rest and still,
All things go right as of their will.


In the process of updating this any suggestions would be helpful.

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