以懸掛的古鐘為例(圖一),鐘體中心有一條垂直線,線下端繫一鐘錘。內功練到較高境界時,鐘錘可以旋轉,上縱及下伸。若以古鐘比喻人體,鐘口即是三道氣圈的胯氣圈,鐘蒂為肩氣圈,中間為腰氣圈。Take a hanging ancient bell for example(Figure 1), inside the bell frame there is a string hanging vertically at the center. The end of the string ties a deadweight. Think of this as a line with nodes and antinodal points. The crown of the head should feel as though suspended creating a main upper nodal … Continue reading nodes

Tsang Lu Taiji

蒼鷺太極 open close, empty full, swallow spite, move with awareness 基於開合、虛實與吞吐 的知覺運動 Named after "the heron" embodying many of its qualities, a traditional approach based on fundamental methods of the past, for the reality of the present. "The Heron, is comfortable in a space that is neither here nor there. " Developed in Hsinchu, TW. … Continue reading Tsang Lu Taiji

Just passing through

Those having an interest in taiji who happen to be in the area.  Your more than welcomed to stop by. 如果你對太極感興趣, 歡迎到我們的練習場地。 While not directly associated with any one taiji style the focus of this work is to help lead one in achieving inner and outer freedom through movement aligned with classical Chinese thought   commonly … Continue reading Just passing through

Thunder & Lightning

雷與閃電 Bright light, crashing sound,  deep night. 閃光、雷聲、深夜 The O.O.D.A  loop 觀察-導向­-決策-行動 的O.O.D.A迴圈 Describes a way of understanding body mind interactions when called to act. “The approach favors agility over raw power in dealing with human opponents in any endeavor.” O.O.D.A迴圈描述一種用於瞭解行動時身體與心靈如何互動的方式。“在對手為人時,這種方式強調的是敏捷靈活而不是原始的力量。” Not Even a Hair Can Be Entered 毫髮不能入 “Interval” is when two things come … Continue reading Thunder & Lightning


Central equilibrium, the force of equilibrium.   MIYOKO SHIDA RIGOLO –ZEN JAPANESE DANCER Watching her movements one should understand that she is part of the demo.  She must be empty, in other words, she must remove her self from the demo in order to allow "it" to achieve its own equilibrium through her. 觀看她的動作應該明白:她是演示的一部分。 她必須是空的,換句話說,她必須從演示中移除她的自我,以便讓“它”透過她實現自己的平衡。 … Continue reading Balance

There is no taiji

"Boy: Do not try and bend the spoon. ."That’s impossible. Instead only try to realize the truth. Neo: What truth? Boy: There is no spoon. Neo: There is no spoon? Boy: Then you’ll see that it is not the spoon that bends, it is only yourself.” “男孩:不要試圖想彎曲湯匙。那是不可能的。 相反地只是試著去認識真相。Neo:這是什麼道理?男孩:沒有湯匙。Neo:沒有湯匙?男孩:那麼你會發現不是湯匙彎曲,只是你自己彎曲。” “To try and realize the truth.”   … Continue reading There is no taiji

Restoring force

回復力 ” Stand like a balanced scale and rotate actively like a wheel. ” 立如平準、活似車輪 Use no more then 4oz in dealing with others, do not allow more then 4oz to be felt on ones self.  Taiji is no less then one yin, one yang, combined with out separation. 不加四兩以上於對方,也不讓自我感受多於四兩。 太極不外乎一陰一陽、陰陽相濟。 BALANCE 平衡 “A simple … Continue reading Restoring force